Yellow Conference Resource List

Hello, all! I’m leading a workshop at Yellow Conference this week and here’s a handy list of resources I’ll be directly or indirectly referencing. I hope you find them helpful!

TED talks
Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are  Amy Cuddy
How Schools Kill Creativity Ken Robinson
On finding meaning in your career Steven Tomlinson

Blog posts
The Most Important Thing I Ever learned (Life unfolds in moments) David Cain
Focus on the Growing Heap, Not the One Coin Gretchen Ruben
The Complete Guide To Not Giving a… Julien Smith
Productivity Hacks Tim Ferriss
1000 True Fans Kevin Kelley

Mindset Carol Dwek
Breaking the Time Barrier by Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper (I read this on my flight home and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s a must read for all small business owners)
4-hr Work Week Tim Ferriss
The E-Myth (Revisited) Michael Gerber
Rework Jason Fried & John Heinemeier
99U books

Online classes
B School

Apps (for designers)
Adobe Shape (vectorizes projects from your phone)
Adobe Color (capture real life color palettes)
Adobe Draw (drawing pad for ipad or iphone
Scanner Pro (awesome scanner from your phone)

Time management & organization
Harvest (time tracking)

Virtual assistants:
Fancy Hands
Virtual Miss Friday
(also, just search “creative virtual assistant” or “design virtual assistant”)

Posts on book publishing
Adventures in Book Publishing Pt. 1
Adventures in Book Publishing Pt. 2
From Blog to Book
“So you want to write a book” video from Jay Papasan (so good!)

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