Chipper Things 2.0 is coming this Spring!


Hi. Hello. Howdy.

Real excited to share some news I’ve been working on and thinking about 25/7.

As a part of my Creative Residency, I’m opening an online store with my new product line, Chipper Things. I called it ‘Chipper Things 2.0’ in the header of this post because that’s exactly what it is: the new and improved, all-in, LOLs to the walls, “There’s no turning back now” art and paper paraphernalia line that will be illustrated by yours truly.

I’ve had my Chipper Things Etsy shop for a little while now. Some of these products will be in the new store, but that’s nothing compared to the work happening behind the scenes. Follow @chipperthings on Instagram for more process shots and a glimpse into the tangents of my brain.

This is something I’ve been dreaming about for years so I’m very excited to share the process with you. Pretty soon I’ll share more about my timeline, strategy, how the name came about (and stayed) and why I decided to take my art in this direction. Sign up for my newsletter for the occasional picture viewing and pump up party¬†as well.

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