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2018 dates are available.

I believe that everybody is creative and it’s never too late to start. My talks celebrate starting, finishing, making mistakes, following our distractions and why having fun makes our work better. I also talk about the publishing process and launching products.

I do two workshops and they’re called, Choose Your Own Adventure Drawing Fun Time (anyone can illustrate with creative prompts) and Written and Illustrated By You: A Book Making Workshop (writing and illustrating our own mini books).


Make Nice (Sydney, Australia 2017), UnleashWD (Chicago, IL 2017), Samsung Press Event at Mobile World Congress (Barcelona, Spain 2017), Adobe MAX (San Diego, CA 2016),  Made by Few (Bentonville, AR 2016), Circles Conference (Grapevine, TX 2016), Create Upstate (Syracuse, NY 2016), Creative Jam (Memphis, TN 2016), SXSW (Austin, TX 2016), Web Afternoon (Atlanta, GA 2016), AIGA Under the Radar (Austin, TX 2016), Mama’s Sauce (Orlando, FL  2016),  Method and Madness (Phoenix, AZ 2016), Adobe MAX (Los Angeles, CA 2016), Yellow Conference (Los Angeles, CA), Giant Conference (Charleston, SC 2015), Adobe Creative Jam (Austin, TX 2015), TxSC (Austin, Texas 2015), Circles Conference (Grapevine, TX 2014)

becky simpson speaking

becky simpson speaking

becky simpson speaking


“Becky has a way of making you feel like she’s your best friend within a few minutes of meeting her. She’s extremely smart, witty, is a total badass, and the best part is, she is totally down to earth and approachable. Her speaking style is clear, to the point, and practically helpful for creatives of all kinds—while being completely engaging and entertaining the whole way through. I’m a HUGE Becky fan.”

—Joanna Waterfall, Founder of Yellow Conference

“Becky may be small in stature, but she’s a titan on stage. Funny, charming, and witty, she gives far more than the typical design showcase talk…She’s an absolute delight!”

—Brad Weaver, Founder of Web Afternoon

“You’d be hard-pressed to find someone easier to hold a conversation with than Becky, and the thing is, that translates so well on stage. She’s a natural; her tone is engaging and her energy is infectious. Her speaking style is a perfect complement to her work, which is beyond refreshing.”

—Dan Rose, Founder of Create Upstate

becky simpson speaking


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